Faubourg Treme The Untold Story of Black New Orleans
A film by Dawn Logsdon & Lolis Eric Elie

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Press Kit

Download: Press Kit (PDF); ITVS/PBS Broadcast Press Release (PDF); Generic Festival/Event Press Release (DOC); and Poster (JPG).

Archival Photos

If you would like to download the hi-resolution photos, please check the box below. If you have any problems or questions contact info@tremedoc.com.

Download: Lo-Res

Interviewee, Master Carpenter, Irving Trevigne's ancestors: Paul, Henry and Peter Broyard with two laborers outside Tremé building, approx late 1880/early 1890's

Photo courtesy of Dionne Butler

Mother and Son
Download: Lo-Res

Charbonnet Family

Photo courtesy of Gina Charbonnet

Creole Man
Download: Lo-Res

Anonymous Free Person of Color, circa 1860's

Photo courtesy of Gilbert Estrada

Download: Lo-Res

Ciallagalena Cobb Williams, circa 1915 great aunt of interviewee, Brenda Marie Osbey

Photo courtesy of Brenda Marie Osbey

Charbonnet Family
Download: Lo-Res

Charbonnet Family Photo

Photo courtesy of Gina Charbonnet

Production Stills

King Glen David Download: Lo-Res

Interviewee from the film, musician Glen David Andrews as king of the "Money Wasters Social, Aid & Pleasure Club" annual second line parade

Photo credit: Michelle Elmore

Lenwood Download: Lo-Res

Actor Lenwood Sloan as "Paul Trevigne", editor of the L'Union, the first daily Black newspaper in the US.

Photo credit: Gary Allen

Production Crew Download: Lo-Res

from r to l: Producer Lucie Faulkor, Writer Lolis Eric Elie, Director Dawn Logsdon and Cinematographer Bobby Shepard, filming after Hurricane Katrina


Dawn Logsdon Download: Lo-Res

Director's Headshot, Dawn Logsdon

Photo credit: Tracey Snelling

Lolis Eric Elie Download: Lo-Res

Co-director/Writer Lolis Eric Elie

Photo credit: Gediyon Kifle

Lucie Faulknor Download: Lo-Res

Producer Lucie Faulknor

Photo credit: Tracey Snelling

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