Faubourg Treme The Untold Story of Black New Orleans
A film by Dawn Logsdon & Lolis Eric Elie

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What People Are Saying...

" Flat out brilliant... the most poignant film ever made about New Orleans... See it as soon as you can. It will make you smile and cry and fall in love with New Orleans all over again. Some of us need that now more than ever."
-The New Orleans Tribune full article

"a celebration of the venerable African-American history of New Orleans...passion for the subject infuses the film...remarkable footage and charming interviews"

"Required viewing for anyone prepping for the upcoming HBO drama, Treme...Essential history and pleasure. "
- New Orleans Times Picayune

"...a moving and revelatory film..."
-Christian Science Monitor

"...timely and essential...charming yet hard-hitting."
-The Village Voice

"...a powerful reflection of Trem as a place of creative ferment and political resistance for some 300 years."

"Bravo. A masterwork! Fabulous story, delightful interviews, captivating footage...Faubourg Treme is a wonderful, celebratory history lesson...engaging, informative and poignant."
-LA Watts Times

"It's history come alive. I enjoyed every second."
-Les Blank, Filmmaker

"... an impressive, immaculate, and impassioned documentary that swings with second-line syncopations, and visually sings an all-American song of pride, place, pain, and perseverance."
-The Black World Today

"Documentaries about post-Katrina New Orleans have not been in short supply. But one film stands out for its sensitivity to the city's cultural character, before and after the storm. Faubourg Treme: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans draws a poignant portrait of what may be the oldest black neighborhood in America... Lolis Eric Elie gently guides viewers through the neighborhood's glorious past and inglorious suffering after Katrina, illuminating customs that distinguish New Orleans from every city on earth."
- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

"...New Orleans has problems for sure, but Faubourg Treme reminds us that not only is it our obligation as a nation to restore it, but that parts of its history could be a model for a brighter future for the city-and for the rest of us."
-Mother Jones Magazine

"...while few films grapple with uncomfortable subjects (race, power, and fear), Dawn Logsdon's film has been likened to a cinematic paen to justice..."
- Cine Source

"Powerful piece of work on our beloved New Orleans! Don't miss it!"
-Cornel West, Princeton University

"This film perfectly captures the spirit and culture of Treme."
-Marc Morial, President and CEO of National Urban League and former Mayor of New Orleans

"A stunning and powerful historical experience. This film is imaginative revealing, and disturbing. The images are unforgettable, reminding us of who we are and who we have been."
-Leon Litwack, Professor Emeritus, University California; President of the Southern Historian Federation

"...it just opened the floodgates. Really right on...the filmmakers tell it like it is...very accurate depiction of what has happened."
-Aaron Neville, Musician

"Faubourg Treme tells the story, a secret to most Americans, of the New Orleans neighborhood where the very ideas of black liberation and interracial living were born. Essential viewing in the Age of Obama, to see and understand the footsteps in which the new President, born and raised a million miles away from this beautiful, tormented neighborhood, now walks."
-Harry Shearer, Actor/Radio Show Host

"...Perhaps the most moving use of music in the (San Francisco Int'l Film) festival comes in a film that is not, ostensibly, about music....the movie is fascinating and uplifting..."
-San Francisco Weekly

"A deep piece of work...so powerful, compelling and devastating...beautifully rendered."
-Davia Nelson, NPR's Kitchen Sisters

"Just got back from a community screening of ‘Faubourg Treme: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans.' I expected it to be good. It was great. I can't say enough good things about this movie. The film brought the old Trem back to life and demonstrated that not only was it the birthplace of jazz, it was also the birthplace of civil rights in the U.S. This is not just a black New Orleans story, this is an essential AMERICAN story."

"Anyone still wondering what it might mean to lose New Orleans should see this powerful and poignant documentary. Long before there was the Lower Ninth Ward, there was Trem, probably the oldest, continuously existing black urban neighborhood in America today."
-Lawrence N. Powell, History Professor, Tulane University; Co-Founder & President, Southern Institute for Education

"Faubourg Treme is an astonishing excursion down memory lane, of that historic and tragic New Orleans neighborhood... make this unique and passionate documentary essential viewing..."
-Prairie Miller, WBAI, Arts Magazine and Film Critic

"...Faubourg Treme is a revelation. The film provides a totally new perspective on African American history...this film transcends the legacy of Katrina and reveals some of the soul of New Orleans...it is a work of love, and every frame shows it. You don't want to miss it."
-San Francisco Bay Times

"...Faubourg Treme's bravery resides in telling its story. Its artistry enters through the back door...it's a film swollen in the blues till it simultaneously combusts into an unbroken faith and unwavering hope."
-Short End Magazine

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